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Film Studies

Welcome to the award winning film studies class at CTA

The Films of CTA Film Class

Time lapse photography and Trent Reznor inspired soundtrack in "How Do You Give Back"
Tracking Shots, the steadicam, and the crane and jib. Plus the amazing mixings of David Epstein (03') for the sound.
We took over 4000 still images to create this stop motion film, and the music stylings of Max Platitsyn(08').

Short Films

Mise en Scene

Great examples of Elements of Mise en Scene


Readings on Film

What We're Screening

Africa on Film

Hollywood, for its part, has never been interested in reality, especially about black people. Perhaps that is why most films about Africa have white stars, like Out of Africa, or focus on animals, like The Lion King. We need to do careful reality checks on any media representation of Africa. We need to ask: what is truly representative of the continent?
--Boston University African Studies
The Battle of Algiers (Pontecorvo 1966)
African Documentaries
Music is the Weapon
When We Were Kings

Best Long Takes Ever

Deserve their own heading. Enjoy!

who are all those people in the credits?