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English 10: American Literature

1st Quarter: 

To Kill a Mockingbird

12 components of the Hero's journey

Read through Chapter 10: To Kill A Mockingbird: Situational Irony
Poem Writing:
The haiku
The Pantoum
Re writing cliches
The 20 Poetry Projects Poem Writing Assignment. This is the final part of The Poem of the Day Project

Of mice and Men

No worksheets. No Quizzes. No Tests. You get 80% for participating in the TQE: Thoughts, Questions, Epiphanies.  20% for responding in a piece of writing of 400 words, graded on the 6 point scale. 

Edgar Allen Poe

Read The Cask of Amantillato(10-21), and answer these questions!
Read The Tell Tale Heart (pp 3-9)and answer these questions!

3rd Quarter: the Shift in the 20th century

Walt Whitman's Song of Myself

4th Quarter: Reading Non-Fiction

Participate in G's Prezi, Life is a Journey, and answer the following questions, in complete sentences:
1. What is the thesis of G's Life is a Journey?
2. How are journey stories "embedded into our DNA"?
3. Define archetype
4. Name ten"journey stories."
5. What are the five characteristics of "Quest narratives," and using Huckleberry Finn, write what these characteristics are.
6. Write this sentence, and fill in the blank: "Literature is the study of _____."

Catcher in the rye

Writing about symbolism!
1. Pick a number between 1-20.
2. Click on the above CITR PDF.
3. Control-F(find) "hunting hat"
4. Go to the "hunting hat" number you chose(it's between 1-20. If your number doesn't work, pick another.
5. Write an 8 Sentence paragraph that analyzes the Salinger's use of the red hunting hat as a symbol. If you want, you can use the below training wheels
Part I: Sentence 1, 2, and 3.  "Salinger uses the red hunting hat as a symbol of Holden's crisis of identity as he journeys though-out New York. At key moments in the novel, the hat symbolizes Holden's confident self in a world that he struggles to enter.
Part III: Sentence 7 and 8: Write two sentences of COMMENTARY that connects I and II
Read the THIS essay by Lisa Privitera and answer the below questions.  (35 minutes)
1. Paraphrase the opening paragraph in your own words. Then write the THESIS of the essay.
2. What is the main idea of the third paragraph? Provide two pieces of specific evidence for that claim.
3. In at least 60 words, write the fourth paragraph in your own words.
4. Read the quote attributed to Pinkster on p. 205. "Catcher in the Rye 'is a generation's ettiqutte..."Use that quote as the topic sentence, then complete the paragraph. i.e. provide support for Pinkster's claim.
5. On p.205, how does Privitera extend Jack Salzman's observations about Holden? That is, explain Pritivera's analysis/put in your own words her observations about Holden searching for answers and not finding them. 

Non Fiction Close Reading

The Solution: A double or nothing assignment. Read the passage from Thoreau's Walden (pp. 288-294) and answer these close reading questions. For those who want, I'll count it in place of the Emerson Score

The Whitman Assignment

Read a section from Song of Myself and complete and present the following. 1 Copy/Paste the section on to 1 column of a table on Google docs. Shrink to fit on a page if necessary. in the Right hand column, complete/annotate the following. 
T: Title Song of Myself section___
P: Paraphrase or summarize the section in your own words. Maximum 100 words
C: Connotation: Find 5 CONNOTATIVE meanings of things, i.e. devices, and explain what they mean. 
A: Analyze: Read the forward and afterward, and present to the class the main idea or themes of the section. 
S: Style. You don't have to do anything for this.
T: Title again. Only now elaborate on the concept of Song of Myself vis-a-vis the section you presented. Write a summing up of the section. For example: "In this section, Whitman is ..... and he ....."

Hiroshima Reading

Death of A Salesman:
Read this intro paragraph and answer these six questions.
Go to Academic Search Premier: search "Terry Thompson Death of a Salesman"
Read Thompson's three page analysis and answer the following:
1. Define "PALISADED"
2. According to the author, what does the wire recorder symbolize?
3. 3rd Paragraph, p.245. What does Ben represent? 
4. In no more than 4 sentences, Summarize the claim Thompson argues on the second paragraph on p.246.
5. In the paragraph on p. 247, Thompson uses four words to decribe the Loman dreams. Are these words appropriate descriptors of the dreams we imagined for ourselves before we read the play? Why or why not? 
6. In a sentence, describe this writer's method of composition.
What kind of lunatic would write this:

And this fall — this rushing annihilation — for the very reason that it involves that one most ghastly and loathsome of all the most ghastly and loathsome images of death and suffering which have ever presented themselves to our imagination — for this very cause do we now the most impetuously desire it.
Poe, The Imp of the Perverse
Read The Black Cat (19-32)and answer the questions!

Course Paperwork


JOURNALISM! Check out the right hand column for journalism assignments

Get to Know the ACT/SAT


BELOW: Informative intro to the SAT style rhetorical analysis essay, even though the guy is a little creepy. 4:29 starts ket tips. 
BELOW: Mrs. Brooke takes you through the Docterman essay.

quick rhetorical strategy 

Start on G's Home Page. Find an interesting article. Provide the following:
1. The Title and subtitle
2. The byline
3. A 1-2 sentence overview of the article
4. Provide one rhetorical device the author uses. I.e. transcribe the sentence in which it appears. 
5. Copy and paste the picture or graphic that accompanies the article. 

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