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Welcome to Tampa! By Tuesday, complete the 2018 Free Response Question 3. Read Question 3 carefully. Then share your essay with me by Tuesday, for your first writers notebook.
May 13, 2020: The AP Lang Test


And. Be Creative. Reach. Explore. Discover. Write a Univolic. 
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5 college essays that suck

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Just copy and paste your essay and bam! the Hemingway Editor identifies common weaknesses, such as unnecessary adverbs or lack of clarity. 

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1st Quarter: The Writer's Voice

2nd Quarter: Argument, and Rhetorical Analysis

2nd Quarter Writers Notebooks
1. 2018 Q 3
2. Botstein SAT Hoax and Fraud
3. Gladwell's How David Beats Goliath
4.  Rowling Analysis
5. Letter of Recommendation
6. The Quarterly Reading Writers Notebook. 
The 3 Major Projects for the Quarter:
1. The Argument Essay: AP Q3 2019
2. The Test on Rhetorical Terms. This is a in-class test. Know the terms on the rhetorical terms cheat sheet. Be able to analyze devices in short passages. Be able to recognize satire, and its effect.
Also, check out this APQ2, and sample rhetorical analysis paragraphs
Extra Credit Toward the Test on Rhetorical Terms
3. The APQ2 
a. Search various non fiction sources, such as your quarterly reading, the OP-Ed pages of the newspaper, The Ringer,  Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, Medium, etc. Find a non fiction essay or passage from the essay.(1 hour)
b. Format the essay/passage in columns so it fits on ONE SIDE of an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.(3 min)
c. At the top of the page, WRITE A NUMBER 2 AP INTRODUCTION AND QUESTION. (10 min)
d. Write the essay. You may write in pen or compose on a computer. (1 hour)
e. Due December 15.  
See these sample effective and not effective responses to APQ2
This score will replace your Booth Luce Analysis.
2006   the 2006 questions
2012  the 2012 questions
Elizabeth Kolberts Big Score
Malcolm Gladwell's How David Beats Goliath
Malcolm Gladwell's Getting in
Here's an effective rhetorical analysis paragraph on a passage from MLK's I Have a Dream
2. extra credit option
The APQ3:
Select ONE of the prompts for the AP Free Response Question 3. Due Thursday January 6. (Recommended time: 1st draft: 45 minutes. Second draft, 1 hour. Total: 1 hour 45 min)
Again, DO NOT put your name on the submission.
See the below samples of effective and not effective responses to APQ3.
2014  response for the 2014 prompt
2011  response for the 2011 prompt

3rd Quarter: Citizens United and the Synthesis Question

Gender Pay Gap

4th Quarter: Develop a Position

4th Quarter Checklist:
1. Cole Essay/AP LIT Sample
2.  King, Old Major, Lennon
3.  The Practice Test
4.  The Test, 
5.  WN 5: Tell a Before or After Story
6.  Graduation Speech/WN 6
Putting it all Together: the home stretch
Income Inequality Debate
1. Read the following sources. 
2. Write a 150 word source summary for EACH. See Source Summary Guidelines
3. Write a 500  word essay that develops a position on the notion of the US becoming an oligarchy.  
Teixiera - Politcal Inequality = Economic Inequality
Skocpol - Organize to Re-democratize Nation
Stimson - Don't Underestimate Power of Public
Winship - Few Disagreements Between Classes

The Immigration question


Test Materials

The Writer's Notebook

The Writer's notebook is the place where the writer goes to work. Start with a prompt, an idea, a spark. We often write in class. Following the first pass of the draft, revise and polish as best you can for the submitted and graded writer's notebook. Students are required to complete 6 every quarter. Note: SOME major project drafts count toward your 6 total, if you choose. Be sure to label submissions, so I can score them in their corresponding Alma assignment. May this be the place where you experiment and explore, then revise into a submittable piece.
Rhetorical Analysis of Sample Writers Notebook
1. How many sentences in the first paragraph?
2. Highlight the THESIS of the essay.
3. Discuss how the writer generates the argument from A POSITION OF STRENGTH. What are the principles that make the foundation for a strong argument?
4. Highlight SEVEN signal phrases.
5. Draw a line indicating the SHIFT in the essay.
6. The paragraph on p.3 "The USPS must..."
Write a sentence that describes the function EACH SENTENCE performs in the entire paragraph.
for example:
-- "The first sentence transitions from essay's thesis to explain necessary effective changes.

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